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C o n g r a t s  O n  Y o u r  U p c o m i n g  E v e n t !
We offer the best quality silk flower walls in South Florida!
Did you know?
Natural flower wall cost upwards of ($5k-10k)?!
Luckily, our luxury rentals stars at only $400 + we will match any written estimate from a legitimate local company!
Why book with us?
We are the pioneers of flower walls in Florida and our walls are handmade in house! Check our "About us" section to see a list of our Awards and elite local clients who have been trusting us for years! 
We do not buy cheap Chinese mass produced walls on Alibaba or similar websites to then charge premium prices for them! Also beware of local individuals charging premium prices for cheap backdrops made on foam boards and use cinder blocks as weights!! 
Custom Designs!
Another reason for choosing us! We go above and beyond to match your themes and vision. And since we handmake our walls, we can truly make your wall UNIQUE! 
Luxury Flower walls Collection
Classic White © 

Luxury Classic White © Flower wall

Extra lush - Thousands of blooms 

White & ivory roses and hydrangea flowers

5ft long x 7ft tall $500

8ft long x 8ft tall $700

Dream in Pink ©

Luxury "Dream in Pink © " Flower wall directly inspired by the Khloe Kardashian baby shower wall!! Thousands of blooms. 

Extra lush, roses, and hydrangeas

5ft long x 7ft tall $500

8ft long x 8ft tall $700


Red Glam ©

Luxury "RED GLAM ©" Flower wall

Thousands of blooms. Extra lush, roses and hydrangea flowers

5ft long x 7ft tall $500

8ft long x 8ft tall $700

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